(Michael: Who are some of your fav friends in our...)

Michael: Who are some of your fav friends in our school tito

Tito: I dont have too many fav friends i mostly stick close to my brothers we take care of business

*All brother’s saying “Right, right”*

Marlon: Tito, what do you like about flying?

Tito: What do I like about flyin’? I dont like nothin about flyin’. You give me some wings, I rather fly myself.

Marlon: Michael, uh, do you likeĀ  to fly in the rain?

Michael: Uh-uh. No,no,no…

Tito: How ‘bout that time Michael was crying on the flight to, what was it..to New York..

Marlon: I dont blame him, man it was bumpy all the way.

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