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MC Hammer & MJ

MC Hammer & MJ

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Aside from the cheesy music, I’m diggin these home video clips. Makes me miss MJ too much.

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Making of ‘Leave Me Alone’

Making of ‘Leave Me Alone’

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"“When Michael was in London in 2005, Paris saw a whole row of balloons in the lobby of a hotel, she wanted one and hotel staff ran around, trying to find scissors to cut her one. Michael stopped them and said to Paris, “I’m sorry Paris, you cannot have one, they are not here for us, they’re for charity. I love you but just because you are my daughter does not mean you can have what you like.” She cried and hotel staff went to get a balloon, Michael said, “She is my kid, I’ve told her no, she needs to understand.”"

 Karen Faye
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"They went back to that morgue where Michael was about 10 times. I couldn’t go…so when La Toya came, she kept going back there too and I said, “What are you all doing back there?” and she said the children are hugging Michael and kissing him. He was dead…but they were still doing it [cries]."

Katherine Jackson
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Happy Birthday to the sweetest soul, Michael Jackson. We miss you.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest soul, Michael Jackson. We miss you.

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Fun fact: The gentleman to the left of President Reagan is Eugene Allen aka &#8220;The Butler&#8221;, to whom Cecil Gaines&#8217; character is based on. Here he is, seen overlooking Michael Jackson.

Fun fact: The gentleman to the left of President Reagan is Eugene Allen aka “The Butler”, to whom Cecil Gaines’ character is based on. Here he is, seen overlooking Michael Jackson.

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 Anyone who’s a huge fan of MJ’s knows how much he hated dogs. He must have really loved his kids to surprise them with this puppy for Christmas.

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Up until now the general public had no idea that after the burn in 1984, Michael had to go through numerous additional surgeries to stretch his scalp in order to cover the bald spot on the top of his head. These operations lasted at until 1993 - when Michael was to go on the Dangerous tour.

The balloon inserted in his scalp in order to stretch his skin; was taken out on the eve of his Bangkok concert on August 23, 1993, which was during the time the Chandler case was just breaking.

This means that in addition to the pain of the horrendous false accusations he was going on a never ending tour with a fresh wound on his head.

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MJ and Karen Faye, his hair/makeup artist for more than 20 years.

MJ and Karen Faye, his hair/makeup artist for more than 20 years.

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Interviewer:Paris is has clearly suffered very badly...
Katherine Jackson:She has. She had to have his pictures all over the wall, everywhere in her room. Every picture that was hanging had to be of Michael and then finally she went to a life coach and they told her, take the pictures down - because I guess she was really suffering.
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Mother Jackson’s interview with 60 Minutes

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"You try to do something nice and people fuck you."

Michael Jackson
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